How do I apply?

If you are interested in finding out more please do get in touch. We would be delighted to provide more information or organise a visit for you and your child to the after school club.  If you do wish to apply for a place at either club we recommend applying at least one full year before your child is due to start school as places are limited.

Download the form for Vasc

Vasc application

If you would like to apply for a place at Trinity After School Club can you please email as we have temporarily closed our waiting list.

If you require care for your child at Victoria After School Club up to 5.45pm please complete the following 3 forms:

  • Form 1 –  Registration Form (Please state which Club you would like your child to attend)
  • the Consent Form
  • and that you accept the Terms & Conditions on Form 3

If you require care for your P1/P2 child at the Crocodile Club only, please complete the following 2 forms:

  • Form 2 – Registration for Crocodile Club only (please note Terms & Conditions for the Crocodile Club are at the bottom of the Crocodile Club application form).
  • the Consent Form

Opening hours

2.40pm – 3.15pm Victoria Crocodile Club, Monday to Thursday
3.15pm – 5.45pm Trinity and Victoria After School Clubs, Monday to Thursday
12.25pm – 5.30pm Trinity and Victoria After School Clubs, on Fridays

New P1 children

Please note that new P1 children starting in either Trinity or Victoria Primary Schools each August will only be able to join the after school or crocodile club once they are attending full days at school.

What happens next?

We will acknowledge receipt of your application form within 3 working days and we will make every effort to fulfil your childcare needs as soon as possible.

Places cannot be automatically guaranteed as we have a strict staff to child ratio to ensure the safety and security of each child we care for. This is maintained at 1 adult to 10 children Monday to Thursday, and 1 adult to 8 children on a Friday.

The maximum number of children attending Trinity is 50 Monday to Thursday and 40 children on a Friday. The maximum number of children attending Victoria is 40 Monday to Thursday and 32 on a Friday.

Prioritising places

Trinity After School Club is a popular provider of childcare with parents. We therefore have a policy to prioritize places as follows, with the highest priority being 1:

  1. application for siblings of children already in the after school club
  2. existing users of the after school club applying for more days
  3. full time application
  4. existing users of after school club applying to change days
  5. application from parents/guardians who were unsuccessful last term
  6. application for four days
  7. application for two or more children in a family
  8. application for three days
  9. application for two days
  10. application for one day

Within each category, priority will be given to families who have been waiting the longest. For example, if more than one family is on the waiting list for a place Monday to Wednesday, and a place becomes available; priority will be given by the date the family applied.

Childcare vouchers

We are members of a number of childcare voucher schemes such as Accor, Care 4 and Busy Bees. If you are interested in paying by this method please contact Moira Macdonald for further details.


Our fees are affordable, fair and transparent. We understand that childcare is an important and significant consideration for all families and endeavour to make it cost effective, whatever size of family you have.

All after school club and Crocodile Club fees are paid monthly in advance. We accept a number of different childcare vouchers so please ask us about these. Invoices are emailed to parents/guardians to be paid promptly (if you do not have email then a paper invoice can be provided).

All holiday club bookings must be booked and paid for in advance.

Full-time place


Part-time place

 £12 per child per session Monday to Thursday £17 Fridays

Holiday Club

£28 for a full day (8.30 am to 5.30 pm); £18 for a half day

Crocodile Club

£2 per day per child. This is for P1 and P2 children until upper primary are dismissed. Children who are booked into After School Club do not need to pay for Crocodile Club.


If you wish to terminate a place in the club, then one month’s notice is required by either side.

For full details of the club please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

Family Membership

Parents are required to pay an annual membership subscription fee of £25 at the beginning of the Autumn term which is payable per family.