Fun, exploration and adventure

Arts and crafts, sport, games, community projects and more…

At both our clubs the emphasis is on the children having fun. Their own ideas drive the programme of activities.

Our Children’s Committee, made up of children from the club, keep us on our toes. They suggest projects, outings and activities that all the children would enjoy. These have included litter picking to help the local community; a hand washing project to learn how to clean hands thoroughly and why it is important; and taking part in the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child with competitions and voting, the kids having to make choices and decisions for themselves.

The clubs have access to many resources, to give the children the opportunity to learn and be creative, including games, puzzles, books, toys, TV and video, computer games and sports equipment.

Examples of activities include:

  • clay work, screen printing, baking and cooking
  • various sports including uni-hoc and rounders
  • appropriate local outings during term time, usually on Fridays, such as visits to the local parks, the local library, the Botanic Gardens, scavenger hunts, museum visits and trips to Yellowcraigs beach.

Each day a light snack is available to fuel the inquisitive minds and constantly active bodies of the children in our care.

Holiday club

The children also help with ideas for themes and planning outings for the holiday club – to places they have been with their family or places they would like to visit. Recent themes and outings have included:

  • a pirates theme which concluded with a visit to Inchcolm island
  • a visit to Blair Drummond safari park
  • trips to North Berwick and Jedforest deer park
  • outings to the zoo and the cinema

The programme of activities will not include those which, in the opinion of the Manager, are dangerous, encourage or condone racism or sexism, or are in any way offensive, either to the children or parents.

Holiday Club opening hours 8.30am – 5.30pm

Play statement

Play is fundamental to a child’s development and optimises the whole learning process. It is through play that children learn new skills, explore, take risks and challenge themselves as well as aiding mental health resilience, improving on their social, emotional and intellectual development. All children have a natural desire to play. Our after school club is an environment that allows children control, choice and freedom. We follow an inclusive approach by supporting and recognising diversity and allowing all children to direct their own play experiences. This, in turn, develops their self esteem and makes them feel respected and valued.